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IT'S OFFICIAL! The internet is officially where people go to do their research and purchasing on all subject matters. And, if you do not have a website presence, then you will be left to promote your company and product by other, less effective means. With Healthywaterlife.com, you have two powerful ways to promote your line of water ionizers, water store, or alkaline water in general.


Healthywaterlife.com, plain and simple, is a replicated website service dedicated to the alkaline water distributor. Our Replicated Websites will help to empower YOU as a distributor or promoter of alkaline water, thus giving you some website reality on the World Wide Web. We do this by giving you access to two powerful websites for the price of one that you can use to help communicate your message to the rest of the world. Or, you can choose one site over the other depending on your preference.


Two Websites For The Price Of One!


The first website are for those who fully promote Kangen™ Water and the Enagic™ line of water ionizers, complete with a newsletter for those prospects who desire more information. The Kangen™ Website is a nice alternative to what is available on the marketplace. Now, we are throwing in IonNation as a second website in order to promote your product at no additional cost. More on Kangen™.


all ionizers- Our Newest Website!


all ionizersThe second website is named IonNation and covers Ionized Alkaline Water in a broader approach. Because IonNation mentions no trademark names within the site, there is a broader appeal to all drinkers and promoters of alkaline water. Additionally, we are able to add doctor and expert testimonials to this site giving this site a broader appeal to people who want more information and facts regarding the health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water. More on IonNation.